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Surge in Demand for Document Production Efficiency Software Tools, According to Novaplex

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Posted by Jess Carey from Legal Support Network

As many Law Firms see the introduction of another lockdown and an extension of furloughed staff both in IT Teams, secretarial support and admin, firms are looking for software to help ease the burden on limited resources to be more efficient.

Recognition that there is an urgency to improve document production efficiency and reduce risk with more staff working at home; document creation, automation and signing have become the ‘must have’ technologies for all firms.

Transform software, Novaplex document fixing and styling software has also seen a huge increase in demand during lockdown, with lawyers having to be self-sufficient styling their own documents, without the secretarial and expert user help available.

To find out more how Novaplex can help your firm improve efficiency, reduce risk and help you through these challenging times, Email: or Tel: +44(0)20 3745 8919.


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Established in 2008, providing expert advice, software, and solutions to provide enhanced document production, automation, and printing. Achieving:

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