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Still Using Office 2010 and Old Legacy Document Creation Solutions?

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Posted by Jess Carey from Legal Support Network

Microsoft Office 10 is still in use in organisations and also on many home PCs. The deadline, which is fast approaching is 13 October 2020. It is strongly advised that you upgrade as Microsoft will no longer provide security updates and support for this version of the software and therefore individuals and Organisations are at risk from malicious attacks on security vulnerabilities.

If this version is still in use in your Company or you are creating Company documents on old legacy systems, we would urge you to talk to us about upgrading to a newer solution, please get in touch and we would be happy to advise and assist.

We are a UK based Software and Services Company that was established in 2008. We provide expert advice and software solutions to aid efficient document production, automation and printing.


About Novaplex

Established in 2008, providing expert advice, software, and solutions to provide enhanced document production, automation, and printing. Achieving:

  • consistency of brand across business documents
  • improvements in document production processes, through document automation
  • reducing risk, ensuring compliance, and delivering cost savings
  • bringing efficiency and simplicity to company document production processes
  • professional 'eye catching' documents
  • easy to use software solutions

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